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EZZI SIGNS is a passionate sign company, operating for 15+ years out of Houston, Texas.

The center of our business is our commitment to our customers. We take pride in working hand in hand with our clients, keeping them up to date with their project's progress while going above and beyond to ensure quality and satisfaction.



We are dedicated to quality craftsmanship on every sign we fabricate. Our 7-year product warranty is 2 years longer than the industry standard.


At EZZI SIGNS, we endeavor to produce the highest possible quality at reasonable prices. We strive for customer satisfaction and will make every attempt to ensure your experience with us is a positive one. If all reasonable care has been taken after receiving your sign, and something has failed to perform to expectations, we will repair or replace your sign if necessary, under the warranty terms. Regardless of any product policies, please do not hesitate to let us know if there are any issues, and we will find a solution that will satisfy you.

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EZZI SIGNS installation services are offered nationwide.

Our teams ensure your projects are displayed with quality and care at every location.

Using one of our trusted professional installers ensures that your brand’s visuals will be represented in the best possible way. Install services include:

  • Accurate site surveys

  • Professional sign installation, removal, and knowledgeable service

  • Installation project management

Our signage installation services are dedicated to providing you with the best sign service which includes delivery, installation, and sign maintenance. 




EZZI SIGNS can support all ongoing maintenance including cleaning, repair, replacement, and system expansion to any signs, including signs not created or installed by us. We gladly service all existing signs.

The right time to plan for problems is before they happen. When exterior signs or parking lot lights show signs of failure, you’ll be glad that you partnered with EZZI SIGNS to put them back into working order quickly and efficiently.


LED Retrofits and Conversions

An LED retrofit or conversion is easier than you think, and the long-term benefits are compelling, including:

  • Longer equipment life

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Lower energy bills

  • High quality light that’s environmentally safe

  • Easy adaptability for dimmers or motion sensors

We accomplish the vast majority of these conversions at your location, without even removing the signs or fixtures. When it comes to exterior signs, area lighting, and parking lot lights, we’re happy to get to know your situation and answer your questions about making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs.

Parking Lot Light Maintenance & LED Upgrades

If you manage parking lot lighting, you know how important good visibility is. Your lighting should keep the areas of your building in easy view, and provide optimum light on the ground for increased comfort, safety, and security.  

EZZI SIGNS can maintain your existing parking lot lights or convert them to brighter, more energy-efficient lighting with an LED upgrade.  If you’ve been considering an upgrade to your lot lighting, you’re not alone. Our customers are realizing the many advantages of converting, including:

  • Reduction in Energy Consumption

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

  • Longer Life Rating

  • Better Light on the Ground


Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana & Arkansas

- Electronic Sign Contractor | Type: SC

- License #337175

California, Nevada, Arizona & New Mexico

- Business Name: Ezzi Signs, Inc.

- Certificate No. 391863 | License #391864

- Contractor's License #1038536

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Graphic Designer

To create designs, concepts, graphics and lay outs for product illustrations, logos and websites using Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Edit graphics, such as photographs or illustrations, import and integrate print and graphics, check preliminary and final proofs for errors and enter the digitized data into our electronic computer system for printing. Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communication or Graphic Design and 2 yrs exp. in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign.


Please send resume to Ezzi Signs Inc. 16611 West Little York Road, Houston, TX.


Attn. Naeem Hussain.